Wishing the world a prosperous 2018!

We'd like to share with you a good news story from 2017. 

We hope you had a very happy New Year. Today, we'd like to share with you a good news story from 2017. 

On December 20th, the CBC reported that the province of Alberta received $504 million in revenues from the sale of oil and gas drilling rights last year. Saskatchewan took in $63 million, and B.C. earned $173 million. These are significant revenues that can help support world-class schools, hospitals, and social services for Canadians.

This is exactly why we need to encourage exploration for Canadian oil and gas.

Canada is fortunate to have a high quality of life that is the envy of the world – as well as high-quality energy resources that could power the world for years to come.

If we want to maintain that standard of living and ensure an even brighter future for our kids, we need to incentivize Canadian oil and gas development. What's more, we need to support our resource workers as they transport our energy around the world and help others attain the same quality of life we enjoy.

Here’s hoping for a prosperous 2018!