Canada and the Modern Miracle of Hydrocarbons

Canada and the Modern Miracle of Hydrocarbons

What we Believe:

  • The world needs more Canada: Canadians are the best in the world at developing energy.
  • Emerging Carbon Tech is advancing rapidly and is creating a pathway to low emissions through energy transformation.
  • Oil and Gas saves lives and makes your life better.
  • First Nations support resource development when they are respectfully involved.
  • We are Canadians just like you.


From the combustion engines that transport people and goods across the globe, to many of the medicines that have extended the human lifespan, these tiny molecules are the backbone of so many advances we take for granted every day.

As Canadians we have even more to celebrate, Canadian hydrocarbon production is among the world’s safest and most tightly regulated environmentally. Canadian producers are constantly innovating to be even safer and more efficient as they provide the energy the world needs.

What’s more, support of Canadian industry supports our world-class quality of life, including schools, hospitals and social programming.