Varcoe: 'Enough is enough': Oilpatch's viral video firmly stands up for industry

By Chris Varcoe, Calgary Herald August 31, 2019

A video posted on social media this week — created by a newly formed group called Canadians for Canada’s Future and initiated by the leaders of at least two major petroleum producers — is going viral, attracting attention in the sector.

It’s not simply the fact Birchcliff Energy CEO Jeff Tonken and Tourmaline Oil CEO Mike Rose wanted to kick-start a campaign that unabashedly declares pride in the work done in Canada’s energy sector.

It also has a tone that’s decidedly different from other pro-industry campaigns.

“Today we say, enough is enough,” the narrator declares.

“For too long, we have been taken for granted by all-too-many people who vigorously condemn what we do, while relishing in the fruit of our labour — every day of their lives.”

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