Is Time To Leverage Canada`s Energy Advantage Into A Geopolitical One Too

Have you seen this excellent op-ed in Maclean's magazine from the Macdonald Laurier Institute? 

The article discusses the need for Canada to assert itself on the global stage by bringing its hydrocarbons to market and taking its rightful place as a senior economic partner to the world.

The article goes on to say that Canada has the ability to "to position itself as a true global leader" as the country has the ability "to supply its allies with the energy they need to serve a shared goal of global prosperity, while also lessening the energy influence of the world’s bad actors."

Canada's ingenuity, along with its highly rated standards in resource development, can provide the world with the most ethically produced and environmentally regulated energy needed for the growing population. By making Canadian hydrocarbons available to world markets we can help to decrease global emissions, thus mitigating carbon leakage to other hydrocarbon producers that do not hold the same environmental standards as Canadian industry, and do not ethically develop their resources (i.e., countries where human rights are violated).

In today's current geopolitical landscape, Canada can become a world leader and the choice provider of energy to both the developing and developed nations.

To do this Canada must work against its resources being landlocked.

There should be a call for the revival of projects such as Energy East, the speedy deliverance of Trans Mountain, and other LNG projects across the country. 

In the words of the author of the op-ed "Canada enjoys thinking of itself as a country capable of inspiring others, but being a leader in the global community requires a willingness to exert state power in the pursuit of an admirable goal." 

Let the goal be that of bringing Canadian hydrocarbons to the world. After all, Canadian hydrocarbons improve quality of life, stop the spread of diseases, and help to combat poverty in the most vulnerable communities. 

Simply said Life is Better with Canadian Hydrocarbons!

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