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Alberta Mé​tis vote to support Trans Mountain oil pipeline expansion through B.C.

Economic investment is the right way to go, says Métis Nation president

An organization that represents Métis in Alberta says it supports the expansion of the Trans Mountain oil pipeline through B.C.

The Mé tis  Nation of Alberta says members voted in favor of the resolution at a conference on Sunday.

President Audrey Poitras says solid economic investment, including pipelines like the Trans Mountain, is the right way to go.

The expanded pipeline would triple the amount of diluted bitumen that is shipped from Alberta to a terminal in Burnaby.

The organization says there are about 97,000 Métis in Alberta.

The Métis Nation of Alberta is one of a number of Indigenous groups that have expressed interest in buying into the $4.5-billion project.


Source: The Canadian Press · Posted: Aug 14, 2018