Green energy has impacts

Canadians must come together

The British Columbia government is threatening national unity with their reckless campaign against Canadian resources.

The Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion, which would run from Edmonton to Burnaby, was approved by the federal government in 2016. However, the new government of BC is trying to stop this project from happening.

B.C.’s latest move? Potential legislation limiting bitumen shipments through the province.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley called the move “unconstitutional” and has responded with economic sanctions.

“The government of Alberta will not — we cannot — let this unconstitutional attack on jobs and working people stand,” she stated.

Earlier this month, Premier Notley suspended negotiations over a $500 million/year electricity deal with B.C. And on February 6th, she announced a boycott on the import of British Columbia wines. (Trade with Alberta generates around $70 million for the B.C. wine industry each year).

This discord isn’t good for our country, or for the Canadian workers who rely on our industries.

The Kinder Morgan pipeline is predicted to create 15,000 jobs in construction alone, and will help Canadian oil reach world markets. This project is a win for Alberta, B.C., Canada, and the world.

It’s time for our governments to work together to support Canadian workers.

As BC Proud aptly stated last week, “Yes to BC wine! Yes to Alberta Oil! No to stupid politicians!”