Bad ideas have consequences

Fossil fuel divestment will do more harm than good, argues Dr. Mark Milke.

Time and time again, we hear calls from the green lobby demanding that organizations divest from fossil fuels. 

Recently, Dr. Mark Milke pushed back in a great article calling out irresponsible activist demands for fossil fuel divestment.

Milke notes that the world’s demand for energy is predicted to increase in the foreseeable future. He adds that so-called “alternative” energy sources are not, in fact, viable alternatives to traditional energy. 

“Anyone who believes the end of fossil fuels is near is not operating in the realm of reason,” he writes.

Fossil fuel divestment will also harm the Canadian economy and have negative impacts on Canadian workers, particularly low-income and middle-income families.

“Ideas have consequences,” Milke concludes. “Bad ideas, especially.”

You can read his full article in the Financial Post here.

We know the truth about how vital our energy industry is for Canada, and for the world. Unfortunately, these facts aren’t as widely known as they should be.

You can help by joining the conversation. We encourage you to talk to your friends and family about the importance of Canadian energy, produced to the highest standards in the world, and the unintended consequences of divestment.