A Win for Trans Mountain

Another win for the Canadian hydrocarbon industry!

The Supreme Court of Canada has dismissed the municipality of Burnaby’s appeal of the ruling that allows companies to conduct surveys and examinations on land in Burnaby without the city’s consent.

The ruling clears yet another hurdle for the hydrocarbon industry to bring the Trans Mountain project to reality. This ruling also signals that the rule of law will be upheld.

However, the fight is not over, as the project is still being opposed by the BC Provincial and municipal governments, ENGO`s and some First Nation communities, who have all vowed to appeal and overturn any government decision moving this project forward. We must come together as a community to stand up for industry, and voice our desire for decisive government action that supports Canadian progress by encouraging Canadian hydrocarbon production.

Life is better with Canadian hydrocarbons, domestic production and transport of resources should not only be encouraged, but it should be made attainable by government and industry regulators. Canada is simply the best at producing an ethically made product that comes with the most stringent environmental protections. Canadian hydrocarbons lift communities out of poverty and increase the quality of life for all.

In turn, projects that seek to make this miraculous resource available need to be in every Canadian`s interest.