A common sense climate policy

Michael Binnion has penned an insightful op-ed in this week's Policy Options publication.

The article discusses a need for a more common-sense approach to climate policy, in which the issues of Canada’s economic vulnerability, carbon leakage, and Canada’s comparative advantage in carbon are all studied and considered when enacting policy.

Mr. Binnion argues that our carbon policies have been largely based in theory instead of active research, which can be problematic, as theory does not always translate to practice. Instead, he advocates for more rounded approach policies, that will enable us to maintain our commitment to be the world’s leading clean energy provider, and still be able to remain competitive in the market.

After all, as Mr. Binnion writes "Emissions are a global problem, not just a Canadian problem. With a common-sense approach, Canada can achieve a triple dividend of economic growth, decreased energy poverty and fewer global emissions"