Make Your Voices Heard! Join Canada Action in Tell University of Alberta that the Suzuki Degree is Unacceptable!!

U of A has announced it will bestow an honorary degree on one of the Canadian Oil and Gas industry's most vehement opponents.

The decision to grant Mr. Suzuki this honor should come as a shock not only to Albertans but to Canadians alike. Mr. Suzuki is in open opposition to the Canadian Energy Industry. An industry that employs thousands in our province and beyond, and an industry that has contributed enormously to Canada's economic foundation.

Please sign Canada Action's petition to ask University of Alberta Chancellor Douglas Stollery and President and Vice-Chancellor David Turpin to rescind the offer of this honorary degree to Mr. Suzuki.

Canadian hydrocarbons raise the standard of living in many communities, keep families together, reduce energy poverty and prevent carbon leakage in other areas of the world. We must stand united and share a voice that promotes our products and denounces the narratives that vilify our industry.

Please share the petition with your network as well.

To sign your name to the petition click here.